From twitter
@AdamRoxby: @colchestersoup Had a great evening and the soup was brilliant. Well done to @Go4_Enterprises

@GoodSoulsBakery: @colchestersoup ah thank you. What a brilliant night. Great positivity – much needed after tragic week in the news.

@BobbyatTBP: @colchestersoup you deserve 100% of the credit for making your event tonight, the success that it was. Absolutely brilliant on every level

@jojocolchester: @colchestersoup Twas brill! I texted you earlier – well done for all the lovely touches

@Fullerarty: @colchestersoup You’re a star. :) The magic works. Trust the magic of the people. x

@UKChile: @colchestersoup @Alison_Inman likewise, we’ll see you next time. P.S, Bloomin’ good soup!

@PamNelsonColch: @colchestersoup You were amazing tonight, what an achievement! Well done CO4, Colchester in Bloom and Papworth.

@foodieboomboom: Jolly old time @colchestersoup this evening, a great project for #Colchester communities. And, you know, good soup.

@Col_Peasant: Thanks @colchestersoup was the nicest thing I’ve consumed this year. Unlucky all those who missed out! #Colchester

@BobbyatTBP: A BIG THANK YOU to @colchestersoup for a great evening, it’s a brilliant way of bringing the community together & supporting local projects.