Colchestersoup – what is it?

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Colchester meets Detroit meets Colchester.

Why choose Detroit?

They had a brilliant idea and we want to emulate it in our town.

Following devastation in a city with no money initiative came to the fore as the community worked together to rebuild their homes and lives.

Whilst Colchester hasn’t suffered in such a way it is experiencing a resurgence in creativity and imagination when it relates to community. While some ideas are quite high profile and are sexy enough to attract press attention there are a multitude where people are just getting on with things.

Detroit noticed this as well and devised a way of getting everyone both involved and aware.

They came up with Detroit Soup in 2010.

It’s a simple idea.
Come along to enjoy a bowl of soup and a drink for a minimum cost eg $5 and also receive a vote.

During the evening around 3 local people/groups get their chance to present their ideas – what they’ve been doing, why they need the money and how they see themselves in 6 months time. They don’t have to have charity status, simply people who feel their idea makes a bit of difference to an element of their community.

The votes go in and the winner wins the money from the door takings.

We’ve read about it in Detroit, attended it in Southend (that’s the Essex UK one) and decided it’s high time Colchester took part.

Please do get in touch with any questions, have a chat on twitter @colchestersoup, talk to your neighbours/friends about the idea and let’s make this a great evening of making friends, meeting people and being surprised by everyone’s ingenuity!

Not in Colchester but want soup anyway? Check to find a venue near you….or start one up!